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Agriculture and irrigation were first developed in which age?
a) Stone Age b) Bronze Age c) Iron Age d) Industrial Age
During the industrial age, factory growth led people to:
a) Migrate to cities b) Barter c) Create demands d) Trade
What is the most significant technological development thus far in the Information Age?
a) Integrated circuit b) Cellular phone c) Internet d) Television
The innovation of the printing press improved:
a) Communication b) Construction c) Manufacturing d) Transportation
Pyramids are examples of architectural and construction techniques used in which age?
a) Bronze Age b) Iron Age c) Middle Age d) Stone Age
During the Bronze Age, the wheel was improved by using spokes. What is most significant about the improved wheel?
a) Lighter b) Cheaper c) Smoother d) Heavier
What age are we living in?
a) Information b) Agricultural c) Industrial d) Technological
What invention led to the mass production of written material?
a) Printing press b) Alphabet c) Internet d) Typewriter
Which are used in monitoring the aspects of technology related to the environment?
a) Doppler radar and weather sattelites b) Computer and global positioning systems c) Divining rod and intuition d) Television, internet, and news broadcasts
What age accounts for the most technological developments?
a) Information Age b) Industrial Age c) Middle Age d) Stone Age
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