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The Greeks believed he was the first God
a) Uranus b) Chaos c) Kronos d) Gaea
Kronos decided to _______ his children to avoid being overthrown.
a) Chain them up b) Not have any c) Banish them to the underworld d) Eat
This God was ordered by Zeus to create the worlds creatures, including man.
a) Haephaestus b) Epimetheus c) Prometheus d) Poseidon
Pandora was the first_________.
a) Woman b) Goddess c) Human being d) Demon
This goddess is believed to be Mother Earth
a) Hera b) Aphrodite c) Hestia d) Gaea
The symbol of Poseidon is the_________.
a) Trident b) Golden Spear c) Tuna fish d) Lightning bolt
Hades is known as the God of __________.
a) The Underworld b) The Seas c) Love and Lust d) Celebration
Kronos married is sister_________.
a) Hera b) Rhea c) Athena d) Aphrodite
The ability to make this was supposed to be reserved for the Gods
a) Shelter b) Steel c) Fire d) Wheel
Prometheus was the brother of _________.
a) Epimetheus b) Zeus c) Hades d) Kronos
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