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Tissues combine to form a(an)_____ that performs a specific job for an organism.
a) organ b) organ system c) cell d) atom
In a plant's life cycle, a spore develops into a stage known as the __________.
a) cuticle b) sporophyte c) gametophyte d) zygote
A waxy, waterproof layer called the ____ covers the leaves of most plants.
a) cuticle b) sporophyte c) gametophyte d) vascular tissue
Humans, monkeys, and apes belong to the group of placental mammals known as ____.
a) rodents b) flying mammals c) rabbits d) primates
Pregnant female monotremes and marsupials lack a(an) _______, which is an organ that passes materials between an embryo and its mother.
a) placenta b) womb c) egg d) mammary gland
A group of mammals that includes only three species is the
a) placental mammals b) marsupials c) monotremes d) reptiles
Which of the following structures are always found in bacterial cells?
a) nuclei b) ribosomes c) flagella d) coats
A hidden virus
a) cannot attach to a host cell. b) becomes part of the host cell's genetic material. c) immediately takes over the cell's functions. d) attaches to but does not enter the cell.
Binary fission is the bacterial process of
a) asexual reproduction. b) obtaining food. c) producing energy. d) forming endospores.
How does a vaccine work?
a) It activates the body's natural defenses. b) It weakens the cell walls of bacteria, causing the cells to burst. c) It treats the symptoms of an infection. d) It attacks antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
The best treatment for most viral infections is
a) over-the-counter medication. b) a vaccine. c) an antibiotic. d) bed rest.
What important role do bacteria called decomposers play?
a) They return basic chemicals to the environment. b) They slow down food spoilage. c) They kill harmful bacteria. d) They produce vitamins.
Endospores form during
a) binary fission. b) sunlight hours. c) respiration. d) harsh environmental conditions.
What process results in genetically different bacteria?
a) binary fission b) respiration c) conjugation d) asexual reproducation
Which of the following is found in the cytoplasm of bacteria cells?
a) cell membrane b) nucleus c) genetic material d) flagella.
A virus's proteins are important because they
a) contain genetic material. b) make new virus particles. c) provide energy for the virus. d) help the virus attach to its host.
Why are viruses like parasites?
a) They harm the cells they enter. b) They multiply. c) They use their own energy to develop. d) They make their own food.
Slime molds are one type of _______ protists.
a) animal-like b) tree-like c) fungus-like d) plant-like
A virus that begins to multiply immediately after it enters a cell is called a(an) ______ virus.
a) active b) dormant c) hidden d) sleeping
Some bacteria are called _____ because they break down large chemicals in dead organisms into small chemicals.
a) disease-causing b) decomposers c) recomposers d) regenerators
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