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Phase of mitosis where the cell spends most of it's life; chromosomes copy at the end of the phase.
a) interphase b) prophase c) metaphase d) anaphase
What is the correct order for the phases of mitosis?
a) interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, cytokinesis b) anaphase, cytokinesis, interphase, metaphase, prophase, telophase c) telophase, prophase, metaphase, interphase, cytokinesis, anaphase d) cytokinesis, telophase, anaphase, metaphase, prophase, interphase
How is using the model to study cells helpful?
a) It allows you to visualize something microscopic. b) It is overly simplistic and not to scale. c) It is quickly assembled and easily disposed. d) It helps you understand the relationship between structure and function of cell parts.
In a cell model what would an inflated balloon represent?
a) vacuole b) nucleus c) mitochondria d) cell membrane
If you have a cell model that includes a cell wall, vacuole, and chloroplast what type of cell is being modeled?
a) plant b) animal c) bacteria d) fungi
Phase of mitosis where the sister chromosomes pair up.
a) prophase b) metaphase c) anaphase d) telophase
Phase of mitosis where the sister chromatids line up in the middle of the cell on the spindle fibers.
a) metaphase b) anaphase c) telophase d) cytokinesis
Phase of mitosis where the sister chromatids are pulled away from each other by the spindle fibers.
a) anaphase b) telophase c) cytokinesis d) interphase
Stage of mitosis where two new nuclei form around the chromosomes.
a) telophase b) cytokinesis c) interphase d) prophase
Stage of mitosis where the cell membrane pinches together forming two new daughter cells.
a) cytokinesis b) interphase c) prophase d) metaphase
Which phrase BEST describes the function of mitochondria?
a) converts energy for cell use b) located in the cytoplasm c) bacteria-sized organelle d) contains a folded inner membrane
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