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economic system in which people invest in trade or goods to make profits
a) commercial capitalism b) banner c) clan d)
in Qing China, a separate military unit made up of Manchus; the empire's chief fighting force
a) commercial capitalism b) banner c) clan d)
Japan's outcast class, whose way of life was strictly regulated by the Tokugawa
a) queue b) eta c) han d)
one of the approximately 250 domains into which Japan was divided under the Tokugawa
a) queue b) eta c) han d)
the braided pigtail that was traditionally worn by Chinese males
a) queue b) eta c) han d)
great names, heads of noble families in Japan who controlled vast landed estates and relied on samurai for protection
a) porcelain b) daimyo c) hostage system d)
A ceramic made of fine clay baked at very high temperatures
a) daimyo b) hostage system c) porcelain d)
A system used by the shogunate to control the daimyo in Tokugawa Japan; the family of a daimyo lord was forced to stay at their residence in the capital whenever the lord was absent from it.
a) porcelain b) hostage system c) daimyo d)
a group of related families
a) commercial capitalism b) banner c) clan d)
Who is the best history teacher?
a) Mrs. Dumelow b) Mrs. Watley c) Coach Cox d)
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