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What is our state insect?
a) Bumble Bee b) Lady Bug c) Firefly d) Wasp
What is our state tree?
a) Pine Tree b) Hemlock c) Willow Tree d) Maple Tree
What is our state animal?
a) Mountian Lion b) Great Dane c) Brook Trout d) Whitetail Deer
What is our state dog?
a) Great Dane b) Poodle c) Bulldog d) Beagle
What is our state beverage?
a) soda b) orange juice c) water d) milk
What is our state flower?
a) Mountain Laurel b) Daisy c) Crownvetch d) Dandelion
Waht is our state plant?
a) Hemlock b) Mountain Laurel c) Crownvetch d) Rose Bush
What is our state fish?
a) goldfish b) Brook Trout c) Large Mouth Bass d) Catfish
What is our state bird?
a) Robin b) Ruffed Grouse c) Sparrow d) Eagle
What our state colors?
a) Blue and Gold b) Blue and Orange c) Blue and Red d) Gold and White
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