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A substance that has mass and takes up space
a) Mass b) Matter c) Properties d) Variable
Characteristics used to identify matter
a) Mass b) Matter c) Properties d) Variable
Part of the experiment that changes
a) Mass b) Control c) Hypothesis d) Variable
The amount of matter an object has
a) Mass b) Matter c) Properties d) Variable
Part of the experiment that does NOT change
a) Hypothesis b) Control c) Properties d) Variable
An educated guess
a) Variable b) Data c) Matter d) Hypothesis
The Scientific Method (also known as the Scientific Process)
a) Something we use everyday b) A method used to discover answers to questions or problems c) A method that is important to the scientific community d) All of the above
Facts or figures
a) Data b) Variable c) Control d) Matter
To examine in detail
a) Matter b) Mass c) Analyze d) hypothesis
a test or trial to discover something
a) Variable b) Mass c) Experiment d) Control
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