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Punishment for the Boston Tea Party, American resentment of British becomes severe
a) Stamp Act b) Tea Act c) Intolerable/Coersive Acts d) Townshed Acts
The most probable route of the first inhibitants used to migrage to North America
a) Bering Land Bridge b) Northwest Passage c) Mississippi River d) Missouri River
Killing animals and collecting items for survival
a) carnivors b) herbivors c) hunters and gatherers d) fishers and swimmers
The usage trade laws, tariffs, and resources from colonies to make the mother country richer
a) market system b) traditional system c) protective tariff system d) mercantilism
Newly claimed territory of a larger country
a) colonies b) New world c) New land d) New territories
The trade of items not generally purchased between Europe, America, and Africa (diseases, ideas, religion)
a) Triangular Trade b) Columbian Exchange c) d)
The exchange of items purchased between Europe, Africa, and America (slaves, cotton, manufactured goods)
a) Triangluar Trade b) Columbian Exchange c) d)
The consistently rapid lost of land near the Gulf of Mexico
a) Coastal Erosion b) pollution c) oil spill d) Wild Fire
Man-made rubbish and chemicals that enter the environment
a) coastal erosion b) pollution c) oil spill d) forest fire
When searching for petroleum goes wrong
a) coastal erosion b) pollution c) oil spill d) forest fire
Storms that develop at the equator, spinning with the Earth's Rotation, causing lots of wind and rain
a) tornado b) hurricane c) tsunami d) cyclone
Legendary 2005 storm that resulted in the flooding of 80% of New Orleans
a) Hurricane Gustav b) Hurricane Betsy c) Hurricane Andrew d) Hurricane Katrina
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