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What group believed that only saints could belong to the Church?
a) Gnostics b) Docetists c) Donatists d) Arians
What group believed that the Old Testament should be rejected?
a) Gnostics b) Donatists c) Marcionites d) Arians
What group believed that Jesus did not really suffer because he was not really human?
a) Gnostics b) Docetists c) Manichees d) Arians
What group brings together the Pope and bishops from all over the world to combat heresies?
a) Ecumenical councils b) Papal pacts c) Vatican council d) none of these are correct
What is another word for covenant?
a) Testament b) Bible c) Scripture d) none of these are correct
What is another name for a list compiled for the Church of sacred Scripture?
a) Canon b) Bible c) Covenant d) Testament
A council that met to combat Arian heresy is
a) Councuil of Nicaea b) Council of Constantinople c) Council at Ephesus d) None of these are correct
The greatest of the four early ecumenical council is
a) Council at Chalcedon b) Council at Ephesus c) Council at Nicaea d) None of these are correct
How many ecumenical councils have been convened in the history of the Church?
a) 21 b) 31 c) 41 d) 51
Who was the first Pope?
a) Jesus b) St. Peter c) St. Leo the Great d) St. Pius
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