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What forms when water vapor in the air becomes liquid water or ice crystals?
a) Clouds b) Hurricanes c) Global winds d) Monsoons
Whay type of clouds look like fluffy, rounded piles of cotton and indicate fair weather?
a) Cirrus b) Stratus c) Cumulus d) Nimbostratus
What type of clouds form in flat layers and produce drizzle, rain, or snow?
a) Cirrus b) Stratus c) Cumulus d) None of these are correct
What type of clouds are wispy, feathery and only form at high levels?
a) Cirrus b) Stratus c) Cumulus d) Nimbostratus
What do we call clouds that form at or near the ground?
a) Fog b) Smog c) Frog d) none of these are correct
What are types of precipitation?
a) Rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, and hail b) Rain, snow, and sleet c) Snow, hail, sleet, and rain d) Rain or snow
What are long periods of unusually low precipitation?
a) Summer b) Droughts c) Floods d) None of these are correct
The most common type of precipitation is
a) snow b) hail c) sleet d) rain
How can rain be measured?
a) Rain gauge b) Water can c) Barometer d) Anemometer
This type of precipitation forms in cumulonnimbus clouds?
a) Snow b) Drizzle c) Sleet d) Hail
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