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Which reference resource is generally a set of books in alphabetical order which gives information about people, places, and things?
a) Internet b) Dictionary c) Almanac d) Encyclopedia
Which resource is best to look up the definition of a word?
a) Thesaurus b) Dictionary c) Internet d) encyclopedia
If you need to find which states border on the Commonwealth of Virginia, which print resource would be best?
a) Atlas b) Internet c) Almanac d) Thesaurus
Which resource is best to use when you need updated information to a question about the population of the United States?
a) Thesaurus b) Almanac c) Internet d) Encyclopedia
Which reference sources is best to use when you need to find a synonym for a word?
a) Dictionary b) Atlas c) Thesaurus d) Encyclopedia
If you are looking up information about a person in an encyclopedia, how should you look it up?
a) By the person's last name b) By the person's first name c) By the person's occupation d) By using wikipedia
If you need to know the part of speech for a word, which reference source is the best to use?
a) Thesaurus b) Dictionary c) Internet d) Alamanac
What is the name for the words at the top of a page in the dictionary or thesaurus?
a) Index words b) Glossary words c) Guide words d) Antonyms
If you are doing a report on Benjamin Franklin, what two resources would be the best to start with?
a) Dictionary and Almanac b) Thesaurus and Encyclopedia c) Glossary and Index d) Encyclopedia and Internet
What kind of information would you find in an almanac?
a) definitions, antonyms, and synonyms b) facts, figures, and statistics c) subjects, authors, and titles d) maps, tables of contents, and glossaries
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