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Brief fictional prose that can be read in one sitting.
a) Essay b) Short Story c) Novel d) Drama
Lengthy work of fictional prose.
a) Novel b) Short Story c) Drama d) Poetry
Type of literature meant to be performed in front of an audience.
a) Short Story b) Novel c) Poetry d) Drama
Special type of writing that uses figurative language.
a) Drama b) Short Story c) Poetry d) Novel
Type of writing written about someone's life
a) Essay b) Biography c) Autobiography d) Nonfiction
A piece of nonfiction written from one person's point-of-view that expresses the speaker's personal beliefs.
a) Essay b) Fiction c) Biography d) Autobiography
When someone writes a story about their own life
a) Autobiography b) Essay c) Nonfiction d) Biography
Work that comes from the imagination- not a true story
a) Nonfiction b) Fiction c) Essay d) Novel
Factual writing
a) Nonfiction b) Fiction c) Drama d) Short Story
Ordinary writing
a) Prose b) Poetry c) Drama d) Novel
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