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Which plan would have representation based on population?
a) New Jersey Plan b) Virginia Plan c) Great Compromise d) 3/5 Compromise
Which plan would create a single house with each each state having one vote?
a) New Jersey Plan b) Virginia Plan c) The Great Compromise d) 3/5th Compromise
What was the Great Compromise?
a) created the Senate b) created the House of Representatives c) created a two house legislature d) gave all voting rights to the President
The Great Compromise settled the issue of
a) creating the Presidential branch b) settling the issue of slavery c) how states would enter the Union d) representation in government
Which compromise settled the issue of how slaves would be represented in Congress?
a) The Great Compromise b) 3/5th Compromise c) The New Jersey Plan d) The Virginia Plan
Which compromise stated that every five slaves would count as three persons in a state's population?
a) 3/5th Compromise b) The Great Compromise c) The Northwest Ordinance d) The Virginia Plan
What was passed in order to allow states to become part of the Union in the Ohio River Valley?
a) Jersey Plan b) Virginia Plan c) Great Compromise d) Northwest Ordinance
How many people were needed to settle in a territory before it could seek statehood?
a) 60 b) 600 c) 6000 d) 60000
Which event showed that the Articles of Confederation were weak?
a) Washington's Rebellion b) Shay's Rebellion c) Slave Revolts d) Alexander's Rebellion
Which plan would benefit the large states?
a) New York Plan b) Virginia Plan c) New Jersey Plan d) Maryland Plan
WHich plan would benefit small states?
a) Rhode Island Plan b) Massachusetts Plan c) Virginia Plan d) New Jersey Plan
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