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Electricity in most homes flows through
a) series circuits b) parallel circuits c) open circuits d) fuses
The two ends of a magnet are called
a) charges b) poles c) magnetic fields d) none of the above
Electrical charges builds up when
a) negative charges move from one object to another b) positive charges move from one object to another c) lightning is discharged d) too much current flows through a wire
A(n) ___________________ is a material that does not allow electricity to flow through it easily.
a) Conductor b) Fuse c) Generator d) Insulator
Copper is an example of a good
a) Conductor b) Insulator c) Plastic d) None of the above
A build of of electric charge that causes lightning is called
a) Current Electricity b) Solar Power c) Static Electricity d) Generator
Magnets stick to
a) paper b) glue c) iron d) aluminum
When magnets pull together, they
a) do back flips b) repel c) attract d) fall down
A _______________ is a pathway for the flow of electricity.
a) light bulb b) battery c) detector d) circuit
A plastic ruler can get a positive charge by
a) gaining a single negative charge b) losing a single negative charge c) gaining a simple positive charge d) losing a single positive charge
How many poles does a magnet have?
a) One b) Two c) Three d) Four
An object has a ______________ charge if it has extra positive charges.
a) Large b) Neutral c) Negative d) Positive
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