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The region has very little industry other than mining and oil due to the climate and is very lightly populated.
a) The Midwest b) The Interior West c) The Far North d) The Northeast
This region receives plenty of moisture from the Pacific that lets it grow a variety of produce. It is also home to the movie industry capital of the world.
a) The Atlantic Provinces b) The Canadian West c) The Interior West d) The Pacific West Coast
Known as the breadbasket of the U.S. because of the variety of grains frown here. Also home to the Motor City, Detroit, and the Windy City.
a) The Midwest b) The Northeast c) The Far North d) The Atlantic Provinces
The region's major physical feature is the Coastal Plains, which allows for the growing of crops such as cotton, rice and many different fruits. Contains numerous large cities such as Dallas, Atlanta, and Miami.
a) The South b) The Pacific West Coast c) The Atlantic Provinces d) The Northeast
The region relied heavily on fishing, which lead to overfishing and consists of many of Canada's smaller provinces.
a) The Pacific West Coast b) The Interior West c) Central and Eastern Canada d) The Atlantic Provinces
Because of the Rocky Mountains, agriculture is limited so this region relies heavily on tourism but Informational Technologies have sprung up in cities such as Denver and Salt Lake City.
a) The Interior West b) The Northeast c) The Pacific West Coast d) Central and Easter Canada
This region is also known as New England and is where New York City is located, which is home to Wall Street, the financial center of the U.S.
a) The Midwest b) The Far North c) The Northeast d) The Interior West
While this region produces large amounts of wheat, it also has one of the world's largest reserves of oil. Vancouver also serves as the leading Pacific port for Canada
a) Central and Eastern Canada b) The Canadian West c) The Northeast d) The Atlantic Provinces
Home to Canada's Capital, Ottawa, and Quebec, which in recent years has attempted to separate from Canada in order to form a nation heavily influenced by French culture.
a) The Far North b) Central and Eastern Canada c) The Canadian West d) The Midwest
When a country imports more goods then it exports to other countries.
a) Trade Surplus b) Trade Deficit c) Dominion d) Free Market
A smaller community surrounding a larger city.
a) Suburb b) Dominion c) Indigenous d) Profit
Form of government where people choose their leaders who make and enforce laws.
a) Trade Surplus b) Free market c) Profit d) Representative Democracy
When a country exports more goods to other countries than it imports from them.
a) Free Market b) Trade Surplus c) Trade Deficit d) Dominion
Type of economy where people are free to buy, sell and produce what they want.
a) Suburb b) Indigenous c) Free Market d) Representative Democracy
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