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I jumped ______ the chair.
a) over b) only c) new d) take
I want to buy a ______ car.
a) only b) hard c) new d) barn
Do you like going to _______ class?
a) barn b) park c) art d) new
I would like to _______ my work home to show my mother.
a) car b) take c) only d) hard
I ______ have one chance to get this right.
a) take b) hard c) card d) only
My dad's _______ can go really fast on the highway.
a) car b) park c) barn d) new
It is fun to go to the _____ in the summer.
a) car b) park c) card d) over
The state exams are very _____ tests.
a) over b) art c) only d) hard
Many farm animals live in a ________.
a) car b) park c) barn d) card
I'm going to make my mom a Valentine's Day ______ for February 14th.
a) card b) new c) barn d) take
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