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Siege Engines, like catapults and trebuchets, were used by the people inside the castle to protect themselves
a) True b) False c) d)
The Holy Land
a) Paris b) Vatican City c) Jerusalem d) Constaninople
United States Document influenced by the Magna Carta
a) Gettysburg Address b) Declaration of Independence c) Articles of Confederation d) Bill of Rights
Women had more rights in Feudal Japan than in Feudal Europe
a) True b) False c) d)
The Feudal System in Japan and Europe provided protection
a) True b) False c) d)
Which of the following helped weaken Fedualism in the Middle Ages
a) Plague b) Magna Carta c) 100 Year War d) All of the Above
How was the plague originally spread
a) Along trade routes from China to Europe b) Along trade routes from the Americas to Europe c) Both A and B d) Neither A or B
Reason for the Magna Carta
a) To limit the power of the king b) To give rights to women c) To eliminate the king d) To create a democracy
Japan's equivalent to knights were
a) Bushido b) Soldiers c) Daimyo d) Samurai
They were not at the top of the Feudal Hierarchy but had a lot of wealth and power
a) knights b) kings c) nobles d) serfs
This document limited the rights of the king and eventually extended guaranteed rights to all people of England
a) Constitution b) Mayflower Compact c) Bill of Rights d) Magna Carta
What were the two types of Guilds
a) Baker and Cobbler b) Serfs and Peasants c) Farmer and Craftsman d) Merchant and Craft
These were developed during the Middle Ages as a way to regulate the quality and cost of goods
a) guilds b) Taxes c) economics d)
The main purpose of a castle
a) Tourism b) Protection c) Home d) Center for entertainment
A knight swears to set of rules known as
a) Oath b) Code of Chivalry c) Rules and Regulations d) Constitution
The Plague led to
a) The decline in Feudalism b) Increase in Wages for lower class c) None of the above d) Both A and B
The first stage of knighthood; a young boy is taught manners, how to dance, and how to ride a horse
a) Squire b) apprentice c) Page d) Master
A medieval legacy of Japan and Europe is
a) Buddhism b) Christianity c) epic poetry d) ideal of loyalty
A widespread illness that killed 1/3 of Europe
a) Ebola b) Black Plague c) Flu d) Scurvy
Why was the bubonic plague known as the Black Death
a) Victims could only see the color black b) Victims developed dark or black spots on their skin c) Victims were wrapped in black cloths after they died d) None of the above
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