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What percentage of Earth's water is freshwater?
a) 3 b) 97 c) 55 d) 27
What is the term used for water that is sliding over earth's surface?surface?
a) run-off b) evaporation c) precipitation d) condensation
Where is most of earth's water
a) ocean and seas b) lakes, rivers, streams c) glaciers and icecaps d) groundwater
What is it called when water vapor is given off by plants
a) transpiration b) perspiration c) infiltration d) evaporation
What percentage of water on earth is saltwater?
a) 97 b) 12 c) 87 d) 55
What is it called when liquid changes to a gas?
a) evaporation b) precipitation c) transpiration d) condensation
Of the following, which is a natural way to clean water?
a) UV radiation b) chlorination c) boiling d) adding ozone
Most of the water on earth is what type of water?
a) saltwater b) frozen water c) surface water d) groundwater
When does the water cycle occur?
a) all the time b) occationally c) weekly d) annually
What term is used to identify drinkable water?
a) potable b) clear c) clean d) pure
Any container that holds water is known as ____.
a) reservoir b) ocean c) potable d) dirty
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