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16th President
a) Andrew Johnson b) James Buchanan c) Abraham Lincoln d) George Washington
Year Battle of Gettysburg happened
a) 1862 b) 1863 c) 1864 d) 1865
founder of the Red Cross
a) Clara Barton b) Dorthea Dix c) Elizabeth Van Lew d) Rose Greehow
most infamous prison of the Civil War
a) Libby Prison b) Andersonville Prison c) Union Prison d) Confederate Prison
main Union General
a) Robert E. Lee b) William T. Sherman c) George McClellan d) Ulysses S. Grant
capital of the Confederacy
a) Charleston b) Richmond c) Boston d) Washington D.C.
famous general who led the march to the sea
a) Ulysses S. Grant b) William T. Sherman c) Robert E. Lee d) Ulyssess S. Grant
type of bullets fired out of muskets
a) mickey ball b) minie ball c) donald ball d) goofy ball
year the Civil War started
a) 1860 b) 1861 c) 1862 d) 1863
site of the first battle of the Civil War
a) Gettysburg b) Fort Wagner c) Fort Sumter d) Gettysburg
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