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repeating identical or nearly identical part
a) Segment b) Exoskeleton c) Coelom d) Gut
structure inside the body that digests food and absorbs nutrients
a) Segment b) Gut c) Endoskeleton d) Coelom
protects and supports an animal from the outside of its body
a) Coelom b) Endoskeleton c) Exoskeleton d) Water vascular system
structure that supports the body of an animal from the inside of the body
a) Coelom b) Exoskeleton c) Segment d) Endoskeleton
body cavity that surrounds the gut of an animal
a) Coelom b) Water vascular system c) Endoskeleton d) Segment
pumps and canals that help echinoderms move, breathe, and eat
a) Exoskeleton b) Water vascular system c) Segment d) Gut
Echinoderms have a nervous system that is similar to jellyfish nervous systems.
a) True b) False c) d)
Echinoderms have radial symmetry at larvae and bilateral symmetry as adults.
a) true b) false c) d)
Echinoderms’ spines grow from their skin.
a) true b) false c) d)
Which of the following structures would help an earthworm move?
a) coeloms b) antennae c) ganglia d) pincers
What does regeneration do for a sponge?
a) helps them fight off predators by growing a hard shell b) helps them move by growing new parts for attachement c) helps them eat by making buds that attract prey d) helps them survive damage by regrowing broken parts
Which of these is a class of cnidarian?
a) hydrozoan b) echinoderm c) leech d) bivalve
A piece of spaghetti would best relate to which category of invertebrates
a) flatworms b) roundworms c) cephalopods d) arthropods
How could you tell that an earthworm does not belong in the roundworm category?
a) earthworms are not round b) it's easy to tell an earthworm's head from the rest of its body c) earthworms are segmented d) earthworms do not have eyespots
A system in which blood pumps through blood vessels that empty into sinuses
a) sinus vascular system b) closted circulatory system c) water vascular system d) open circutlatory system
A system in which pumps blood through a network of blood vessels that form a loop that only contains blood.
a) closted circulatory system b) open circutlatory system c) water vascular system d) sinus vascular system
Which of the following is a unique characteristic of most arthropods?
a) All filter feed b) Most have mandibles c) All have stinging tentacles d) Many have spiny skin
How can you tell a centipede from a millipede?
a) Millipedes have pincers and antennae and centipedes do not b) Centipedes are long and thin and millipedes are short and fat c) Centipedes have one pair of legs per segment and millipedes have two pair d) Millipedes eat other animals and centipedes only eat plants
What separates crustaceans from other arthropods?
a) They have more than four legs b) They give birth to live young c) They have radial symmetry d) They have gills
What is an easy way to tell if you have an animal is an arachnid or an insect?
a) Arachnids have eight legs and insects have six b) Arachnids have six legs and insects have eight c) Arachnids have wings and insects cannot d) Arachnids all spin webs and insects do not
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