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What happens because the Earth is tilted on its axis as it moves around the sun?
a) Days b) Weeks c) Years d) Seasons
What is it called when the Earth makes one complete trip around the sun?
a) Rotation b) Seasons c) Revolution d) Day and Night
A lunar eclipse only occurs during which phase of the moon?
a) New Moon b) Full Moon c) Waxing Crescent d) Waning Gibbous
What causes the moon to be seen from Earth?
a) sunlight b) tilt of the earth c) gravity d) an eclipse
What phase of the moon occurs when the light half of the moon faces away from Earth?
a) Full Moon b) First Quarter c) New Moon d) Last Quarter
The tendency of an object to remain in motion is called?
a) revolution b) rotation c) gravity d) inertia
The sun and the moon seem to move across the sky each day because of the Earth's?
a) Rotation b) Gravity c) Revolution d) Inertia
The force that pulls the moon toward the Earth is called?
a) Inertia b) Gravity c) Speed d) Friction
The times when day and night are of equal length are called?
a) Seasons b) Solstices c) Equinoxes d) Blue Moon
Solar eclipse order?
a) Sun, Earth, Moon b) Moon, Sun, Earth c) Earth, Sun, Moon d) Sun, Moon, Earth
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