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The Sun and the objects that are traveling around it
a) planet b) inertia c) crust d) solar system
Any of the 8 objects that travel around the Sun and shine by reflecting its light
a) constellation b) planet c) solar system d) inertia
A force of attraction, or pull, between any object and any other objects around it. This is a property of all matter.
a) gravity b) inertia c) crust d) atmosphere
The tendency of a moving object to keep moving in a straight line or of any object to resist a change in motion
a) gravity b) planet c) lithosphere d) inertia
The hard outer layer of Earth, about 100 km thick
a) hydrosphere b) lithosphere c) atmosphere d) troposphere
The rocky surface that makes up the top of the lithosphere and includes the continents and the ocean floor.
a) planet b) crust c) atmosphere d) hydrosphere
Earth's water, found in continents and oceans, including the fresh water in ice, lakes, rivers, and underground water.
a) atmosphere b) crust c) hyrdrosphere d) lithosphere
The blanket of gases that surrounds the Earth.
a) atmosphere b) lithosphere c) hydrosphere d) crust
Any of the patterns formed by groups of stars in the night sky. To people i the past, these patterns looked like pictures of animals or people.
a) solar system b) planet c) gravity d) constellations
This planet is no longer known as a planet, but a dwarf planet.
a) Pluto b) Mercury c) Neptune d) Earth
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