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a) recruits b) flashy c) rookie d) precision
characteristic of a person famous for diong something very well
a) rival b) legendary c) recruits d) rookie
two baseball games played between the same two teams on the same day
a) doubleheader b) rival c) competition d) integrate
bring together many parts to make one whole
a) precision b) exhibition c) integrate d) competition
a public display
a) doubleheader b) rookie c) exhibition d) precision
a beginner
a) lengendary b) rival c) exhibition d) rookie
new members of a group
a) rival b) recruits c) disgracefully d) competition
a person or team that comptes with another for the same thing
a) rival b) rookie c) lengendary d) integrate
a) flashy b) disgracefully c) integrate d) precision
a contest; rivalry
a) competition b) disgracefully c) recruits d) exhibition
dazzling: showy
a) disgracefully b) rookie c) recruits d) flashy
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