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The ________ desert is in north central China and is spreading due to _________.
a) Taklimakan, rain b) Gobi, rain c) Taklimakan, desertification d) Gobi, desertification
The Bay of _________ is east of ___________.
a) Bengal, Japan b) Ganges, India c) Bengal, China d) Bengal, India
The highest mountain range in the world is the ________ and separates _______ and _________.
a) Andes, India, China b) Himalayas, China, India c) Alps, China , India d) Himalayas, Japan, North Korea
This is a long narrow country with a lot of shoreline next to the South China Sea.
a) Vietnam b) China c) India d) North Korea
This country is an island with volcanoes.
a) India b) Japan c) China d) Vietnam
The 3-sided land form that North and South Korea is on is a __________
a) isthmus b) strait c) island d) peninsula
This is the LONGEST river in China and ends in the East China Sea.
a) Yangtze b) Huang He c) Ganges d) Mekong
A river in India that is sacred to Hindus is the ________.
a) Huang He River b) Mekong River c) Ganges River d) Nile River
The river that runs through Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos before flowing into the South China Sea is the __________. River.
a) Indus b) Mekong c) Ganges d) Huang He
The Yellow River is a nickname for the ________ River because of the sand coming from the ________.
a) Huang He, Gobi Desert b) Huang He, Sahara Deset c) Yangtze, Gobi Desert d) Yangtze, Taklimakan Desert
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