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Often a main character will ____________________a resolution to an internal or external conflict.
a) seek b) undergo c) dynamic d) motive
A(n) ____________character may experience positive or negative changes as a plot unfolds.
a) undergo b) seek c) dynamic d) individual
In many stories, characters _________________changes as a result of events that take place.
a) dynamic b) motive c) seek d) undergo
character part played by a performer; a function or position
a) dynamic b) individual c) undergo d) seek
try to locate or discover; search for; try to obtain
a) undergo b) individual c) dynamic d) seek
an emotion or need that causes a person to act in a certain way
a) seek b) undergo c) motive d) individual
of or relating to a single human being, animal, or plant; a single human being; special, distinct
a) dynamic b) motive c) seek d) individual
marked by intensity and vigor, forceful; changing active
a) dynamic b) individual c) seek d) motive
The reasons for a character's ________________often makes a story interesting.
a) seek b) undergo c) motive d) dynamic
Each character has ________________ traits and emotions.
a) undergo b) seek c) motive d) individual
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