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This organelle functions in cellular respiration:
a) lysosome b) endoplasmic reticulum c) mitochondrion d) golgi apparatus
The organelle functions to package and deliver proteins
a) lysosome b) endoplasmic reticulum c) mitochondrion d) golgi apparatus
The endoplasmic reticulum functions to:
a) transport materials b) destroy old cell parts c) make ribosomes d) package proteins
Genetic material is contained within the ___ of the cell.
a) ribosomes b) cytoplasm c) nucleus d)
This organelle is responsible for destroying worn-out cell parts
a) lysosomes b) mitochondrion c) nucleus d) ribosome
The _____ controls what enters and leaves the cell.
a) mitochondrion b) golgi apparatus c) nucleus d) cell membrane
Which structure is directly responsible for the formation of proteins within the cell.
a) lysosomes b) vacuoles c) centrioles d) ribosomes
Chloroplast conduct photosynthesis
a) True b) False c) d)
The Mitochondria conducts cellular respiration
a) True b) False c) d)
Translation happens in the nucleus
a) True b) False: It happens at the ribosome c) d)
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