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Where does Jonas volunteer?
a) The Hall of Open Records b) The House of the Old c) The Department of Justice d) Recreation Duty
What happens at the ceremony of twelves?
a) They get their hair cut b) They become an adult c) They receive their Assignments d) They get a bicycle
Jonas first sees what object change?
a) An apple b) A flower c) A baseball d) A bicycle
What Assignment does Jonas' parents discourage Lily from wanting?
a) Recreation Director b) Speaker c) Nurturer d) Birthmother
Why is Gabriel being considered for release?
a) He smells and cries a lot b) He won't drink from a bottle and cries a lot c) He has blue eyes and won't drink from a bottle d) He's small and doesn't sleep through the night
Who decides on everyone's Assignments?
a) The Receiver b) The Committee of Elders c) The Department of Justice d) Ms. Stern
Who is Jonas' best friend?
a) Asher b) Benjamin c) Lily d) Fiona
Where do Jonas' parents work?
a) The House of the Old and the Nurturing Center b) The school and the Department of Justice c) The Nurturing Center and the Department of Justice d) The school and The House of the Old
In the first few pages, we learn of something unusual happening that scared Jonas quite a bit. What was it?
a) Someone falls in the river b) A plane flew overhead c) He couldn't find his sister d) There's an earthquake
What causes Jonas to panic at the Ceremony?
a) They say his name wrong b) They skip him c) They release him d) They give Asher the Assignment he wanted
What are the two times that release is not a punishment?
a) Release of the elderly and a newchild b) Release of a newchild and by request c) Release of the elderly and for stirrings d) Release for stirrings and by request
What is the first memory Jonas is given?
a) Of an elephant b) Of a rainbow c) Of sledding down a hill d) Of Christmas
What ritual does Jonas family do in the morning?
a) Make breakfast together b) Talk about their feelings c) Pray d) Talk about their dreams
What are three traits of a Receiver of Memory?
a) Integrity, courage, and wisdom b) Intelligence, leadership, and nurturing c) Wisdom, nurturing, and strength d) Courage, strength, and the ability to see beyond
Why was a replacement child given for Caleb?
a) He was released b) He cried too much c) He ran away d) He died
What memory does Jonas attempt to give to his father and Lily?
a) An elephant b) Christmas c) A rainbow d) Sledding
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