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What of the following is an example of a producer?
a) sun b) grass c) rabbit d) fox
Which of the following is an example of a herbivore?
a) bear b) deer c) humans d) hawk
Which of the following is an example of a BIOTIC factor?
a) water b) rock c) butterfly d) air
Which is the most likely transfer of energy in a food web?
a) sun to producer b) carnivore to herbivore c) producer to producer d) sun to omnivore
What is it called when several populations live in the same area?
a) community b) population c) species d) carrying capactiy
Which of the following in NOT an example of an organism?
a) turtle b) slug c) algae d) rock
Which is NOT an example of an adaptation?
a) shelter b) blubber c) large ears d) small beak
What is carrying capacity?
a) Number of species in an area b) Maximum number a habitat can support c) Advantages for an organism's survival d) Ability to reproduce
Which is an example of a microorganism?
a) mosquitoes b) flies c) e.coli d) spiders
Which of the following is an example of a mutualistic relationship?
a) bird & alligator b) tape worm c) two deer fighting d) clown fish & anemone
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