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An animal that hunts another animal
a) Predator b) Prey c) Producer d) Photosynthesis
An organism that makes its own food. (example- Plants)
a) Producer b) Consumer c) Decomposer d) Carnivore
The process of using the energy in sunlight to make food from water and carbon dioxide.
a) Photosynthesis b) Weathering c) Oxygen d) Life cycle
An animal that eats both plants and animals.
a) Omnivore b) Herbivore c) Carnivore d) Producer
The role that an organism plays in its environment.
a) Niche b) Inherited trait c) Adaptation d) Instinct
The growth process of most insects that includes four stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult
a) Complete Metamorphosis b) Incomplete metamorphosis c) Life cycle d) Human cycle
A behavior that an animal inherits from its parents.
a) Instinct b) Learned behavior c) Inherited trait d) Acquired trait
A characteristic that is passed form parent to offspring.
a) Inherited trait b) Learned behavior c) Instinct d) Acquired trait
The growth process of some insects that includes only three stages: egg, nymph, and adult
a) Incomplete metamorphosis b) Complete metamorphosis c) Life cycle d) Frog cycle
An animal that eats only plants or plant products.
a) Herbivore b) Carnivore c) Omnivore d) Decomposer
Overlapping food chains with different pathways for the flow of food energy in an ecosystem.
a) Food web b) Food cycle c) Food chain d) Food arrow
Organisms (FBI) that break down and digest dead materials and wastes.
a) Decomposer b) Herbivore c) Carnivore d) Producer
A living thing that eats other living things to survive. It cannot make its own food.
a) Consumer b) Producer c) Decomposer d) Plants
Animals that eat meat.
a) Carnivore b) Herbivore c) Omnivore d) Producer
To change to your environment: to develop physical and behavior characteristics that allow organisms to survive and have offspring.
a) Adaptation b) Niche c) Omnivore d) Carnivore
An animal that gets hunted
a) Prey b) Predator c) Producer d) Photosynthesis
The characteristics that blend in with the surrounding environment and increase chances of survival
a) Camouflage b) Instinct c) Learned Behavior d) Food Web
When an animal becomes still in an enclosed space and reduces bodily functions to save energy
a) Hibernation b) Migration c) Precipitation d) Mimicry
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