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How is sound measured?
a) Tracking speed b) Sampling rate c) Kilobyting d) Frames per second
MIDI stands for? A.
a) Musical Integrated Digital Interpretation b) Musical Interpretation Dialog Instrument c) Musical Instrument Dialog Interpretation d) Musical Instrument Digital Interface
A PC sound file format that is not compatible with a Macintosh computer is?
a) WAV b) MP3 c) AIF d) WIF
A digital audio file format that eliminates un-needed sound and usually creates smaller file sizes than other common audio formats is?
a) WAV b) MP3 c) AIF d) WIF
The loudness of sound is called?
a) Amplitude b) Frequency c) Sampling d) Waving
What type of audio file is computer generated?
a) MIDI b) WAV c) MP3 d) AIF
Which of the following audio file types is compressed?
a) WAV b) MP3 c) MIDI d) AIF
Audio files on commercial CDs are typically in which format?
a) MIDI b) WAV c) MP3 d) AIF
___________ is used for background sound, to create mood, and also sets the pace of the presentation, movie etc..
a) Beat b) Sound Effect c) Narration d) Music
The more vibrations per second, the _______ pitched the sound is
a) louder b) Higher c) Lower d) softer
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