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Where did jazz music begin?
a) Africa b) United States c) Jamaica d) Asia
Which of the following words were jazz related terms?
a) cool and hip b) hot and sweet c) totally and righteous d) bruh and salty
Jazz is one of the __________ and most celebrated musical genres.
a) youngest b) best c) worst d) oldest
Jazz was found in which city?
a) St. Louis b) New Orleans c) Chicago d) Memphis
Some of the types of jazz include:
a) hip hop and RandB b) cha cha and fox trot c) ragtime and blues d) rap and country
Jazz is the _______ genre of music to solely come from the United States.
a) first b) second c) third d) tenth
Jazz helped breech what barrier?
a) state b) racial c) age d) none of the above
Jazz music was syncopated which means
a) music is played off beat b) music is played softly c) music is played structurally d) music does not vary
Jazz music encompassed the nature of what other historical music?
a) classical b) negro spirituals c) native american spirituals d) none of the above
What are the three components that make jazz music so distinct?
a) syncopation, brass instruments, and skats b) dynamics, tempo, and highness c) harmony, rhythm, and improvisation d) none of the above
Who believed that jazz music should remain undefined and that jazz should be felt?
a) Louis Armstrong b) Duke Ellington c) Miles Davis d) Etta James
Jazz musicians helped invent what instrument?
a) trumpet b) saxophone c) drum set d) trombone
Jazz music was syncopated which means it was _______.
a) created in your head b) quiet c) fast and smooth d) off beat
Jazz represented a break from ____________ music.
a) classical b) tradition c) fast paced d) old
Which of the following places was jazz music not played originally?
a) clubs b) Streets c) restaurants d) river boats
Which of the following made jazz distinct from other genres?
a) harmony b) dynamics c) syncopation d) tempo
Jazz has to do with human survival and the expression of ______________/
a) survival only b) slavery c) life d) nothing
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