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Sales tax and excise tax are both taxes on
a) consumption b) property c) income d)
During your first interview within a company, you should NOT
a) ask about salary b) show interest and be enthusiastic c) bring extra copies of your resume d)
When applying for a job, you should
a) follow up with the employer b) lie about your personal information c) talk about things not related to your job application d)
Your primary motivation for giving should be
a) the simple desire to help others b) tax deduction c) what others think of you d)
When a company hires you, you will fill out a ___ form which is the basis for determining how much income tax should be withheld from your paycheck
a) w4 b) w2 c) w10 d)
The tax that pays for benefits that workers and families receive for either social security or medicare is
a) federal insurance contribution act b) excise tax c) sales tax d)
An arrangement in which a person puts his money for long-term growth
a) investment b) diversification c) share d)
Which is a list of your investments
a) portfolio b) stocks c) liquidity d)
What is the difference between wholesale price and retail price?
a) markup b) auction c) foreclosure d)
This is designed to replace income lost due to death
a) life insurance b) identity theft insurance c) auto insurance d)
This covers the contents of your apartment
a) renters insurance b) health insurance c) auto insurance d)
This covers a loss due to damage, theft or injury within one's home
a) homeowners insurance b) auto insurance c) health insurance d)
A person who thinks that everything will work out fine and typically hates to deal with the details is known as a
a) free spirit b) nerd c) d)
The recipient of assets passed on from the death of a friend or relative is
a) beneficiary b) will c) nerd d)
What is an expense that a tax payer who meets certain criteria can subtract from tax owed
a) tax deduction b) non profit c) charity d)
Traits or qualities that represent an individual's highest priorities, beliefs, and motivating forces
a) core values b) donation c) charity d)
Something that someone has achieved that continues to exist after they are gone
a) legacy b) donation c) tax deductions d)
A person who gives money, items, or time to a worthy cause
a) donor b) non-profit c) charity d)
Paid by anyone who owns property such as land, home, or commercial real estate
a) property tax b) income tax c) sales tax d)
A brief account of one's professional or work experience and qualifications
a) resume b) personal branding c) gross pay d)
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