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Which Pharaoh was female?
a) Tutankhamen b) Hatshepsut c) Senurset d) Ramses
How many continents are there on Earth?
a) 5 b) 6 c) 7 d) 8
What change led to the Agricultural Revolution?
a) People learned how to gather fruit and nuts b) People learned how to farm c) People began using machines d) People migrated to hunt animals
What type of government is run by religious leaders?
a) Democracy b) Theocracy c) Monarchy d) Oligarchy
The division of society by rank or class is also known as _______________________.
a) Social hierarchy b) Freedom to work c) Polytheist era d) Department of labor
Hammurabi was best remembered for created a code of ________________.
a) Uniforms b) Government c) Laws d) Religions
What is an example of 'popular sovereignty' in action?
a) Being a good citizen b) Paying taxes c) Going to school d) Voting for a community leader
What do cuneiform and hieroglyphics have in common?
a) Both began as writing to keep track of trade b) Both began as family tree paintings c) Both began as secret codes for the military d) Both began as a way to celebrate heroes.
What discovery gave historians the key to be able to read Egyptian hieroglyphics?
a) Osiris Obelisk b) Rosetta Stone c) Papyrus Boat d) Sphinx Scroll
Which is evidence that Egyptians believe in life after death?
a) Atheism b) Monotheism c) Polytheism d) Mummification
What is the name of the strip of land that became the site of the Sumerian and Babylonian civilizations?
a) Fertile Crescent b) Asia Minor c) Nile River Valley d) Indus Valley
What city in Mesopotamia was Hammurabi from?
a) Babylon b) Carthage c) Rosetta d) Sumeria
What term describes an advanced culture with cities and a system of writing?
a) Civilization b) Cultural Landscape c) Culture d) Society
Hammurabi's code was an important step in the development of ____________________________.
a) A city-state system b) A justice system c) A social hierarchy d) An empire
Lines of Latitude and Longitude help geographers identify __________________.
a) Depth of oceans b) Heights of mountains c) Absolute location d) Earth's distance from the sun
What actions represent the 'common good'?
a) Actions the identify similarities b) Actions that support criminal rights c) Actions that are helpful to all people d) Actions that help only good citizens
What term means half of the Earth's surface?
a) longitude b) latitude c) equator d) hemisphere
Political maps usually include ________________.
a) State/country borders and major cities b) Location of mountain ranges c) Lines that show elevation height d) Symbol that represent types of industry
Resources, selling and trading, citizen's needs, and money systems would be a part of a civilization's ______________________.
a) Religion b) Geography c) Economy d) Politics
What date happened the earliest?
a) 1792 BC b) 2250 BCE c) 2900 BC d) 1319 BCE
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