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What is the first step in DNA replication?
a) Uncoiling the DNA strand b) Adding RNA nucleotides c) d)
When 2 new DNA molecules are made, the 2 new molecules are...
a) the same as the original DNA molecule b) different from the original DNA molecule c) d)
How many hydrogen bonds hold the nitrogen bases C and G together?
a) 3 b) 2 c) d)
How many hydrogen bonds hold the nitrogen bases T and A together?
a) 2 b) 3 c) d)
Which term describes the fact that the sides of DNA run in opposite directions?
a) antiparallel b) parallel c) perpendicular d) purple
What holds the complementary base pairs together?
a) a hydrogen bond b) sugar bond c) phosphate bond d) super glue
Ribose is
a) a protein b) an amino acid c) a sugar d)
Deoxyribose is a
a) sugar b) protein c) amino acid d)
Nitrogen bases like A, T, G, and C always attach to
a) the deoxyribose b) the phosphate group c) d)
What is the second step in DNA replication?
a) Hold the DNA apart b) Adding DNA nucleotides c) d)
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