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Different forms of a gene are known as
a) traits b) alleles c) genes d) genetics
Physical characteristics of organisms like height or seed color
a) traits b) alleles c) genes d) genetics
This is an allele whose trait is hidden when a dominant allele is present
a) hybrid b) heredity c) recessive d) dominant
The gene combination of an organism; its genetic makeup
a) phenotype b) genotype c) allele d) hybrid
This is the way an organism looks; its physical appearance resulting from the genotype
a) heterozygous b) dominant c) gene d) phenotype
Organism with two different alleles; is the same as hybrid
a) trait b) homozygous c) heterozygous d) purebred
Two alleles are the same, also known as purebred
a) homozygous b) heterzygous c) phenotype d) heredity
This trait always shows up when the allele is present
a) dominant b) recessive c) gene d) trait
These are factors that control a trait
a) gene b) genetics c) hybrid d) allele
This is the passing of traits from parent to offspring
a) genetics b) heredity c) science d) traits
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