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What is the name given to the belief that one’s own culture is superior to any other culture?
a) imperialism b) cultural diffusion c) colonialism d) ethnocentrism
Which of the following shows the major West African trading kingdoms in correct chronological order?
a) Ghana, Mali, Songhai b) Bantu, Songhai, Mali c) Songhai, Ghana, Bantu d) Mali, Ghana, Songhai
Why was salt such an important trade good in West Africa?
a) Salt was used in the animist religious rituals. b) Salt was used by West African families as a cleansing agent. c) West Africans used it to preserve food. d) West Africans gave salt to their animals to help them retain fluids.
What is the dominant ecosystem in North Africa?
a) savanna b) tundra c) rain forest d) desert
How does trade benefit countries in Africa?
a) It increases the amount of goods available to consumers. b) It provides education in urban areas. c) It provides religious freedom to all citizens. d) It increases the gap between the rich and the poor.
Which health issue has a higher rate in Southern Africa than in any other region in Africa?
a) HIV/Aids b) heart disease c) diabetes d) Ebola
Griots contributed to West African societies by
a) fighting battles. b) preserving oral history. c) collecting taxes. d) trading with merchants.
In a theocracy, the government is run by
a) the common people. b) religious leaders. c) a king and queen. d) a wealthy group of merchants.
Which of the following was NOT a feature of Ancient Egyptian civilization?
a) many gods and goddesses b) statues and wall paintings c) democratic system of government d) pyramids and other large stone structures
Which ancient West African city was an important trading post that later became a center for Islamic culture?
a) Bamako b) Abuja c) Timbuktu d) Ouagadougou
What do ships use to avoid sailing around Southern Africa?
a) the Suez Canal b) the Panama Canal c) the Strait of Gibraltar d) the Nile River
Political boundaries drawn by European colonizers
a) kept people who spoke the same language together. b) often separated members of the same ethnic group. c) kept people of the same religion together. d) generally followed climate zones.
Which of the following correctly identifies a stage of the Triangular Trade?
a) Cotton, sugar, and molasses were shipped from Africa to the Americas. b) Cloth, beads, and guns came to Africa from Europe. c) Slaves were shipped from Africa to Europe. d) Millet, Palm oil, and cassava came to Africa from the Americas.
Which of the following East African nations gained its independence in 2011?
a) Somalia b) Kenya c) South Sudan d) Eritrea
The vast majority of Egyptians live within 12 miles of what vital water source?
a) Strait of Gibraltar b) Nile River c) Red Sea d) Suez Canal
Which of the following statements about Lake Victoria is accurate?
a) It is the largest freshwater lake in the world. b) It is one of the deepest lakes in the world. c) It is the largest lake in Africa. d) It supports no fish life.
What disease is spread by mosquitoes and is very common in Central Africa?
a) malnutrition b) AIDS c) Ebola d) malaria
Which of the following people helped bring an end to apartheid in South Africa?
a) Mohandas Gandhi b) Mansa Musa c) Ibn Battuta d) Nelson Mandela
How do Muslims in North Africa observe Ramadan?
a) They give colorful, handmade gifts to friends and family. b) They light small clay oil lamps each night throughout the month. c) They observe a month-long fast from dawn to dusk. d) They make a pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca.
All of the following are reasons the Germans, Portuguese, and other Europeans established colonies in Africa EXCEPT:
a) to make money from resources b) to spread Christianity in Africa c) to put an end to slave trade d) to gain more land/power
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