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What kind of plate boundary is the Mid-Atlantic Ridge?
a) divergent b) convergent c) transform d) Rudolphian
Where in the continental US do we see evidence of plate movement?
a) The West Coast b) The East Coast c) Florida d) The North Pole
What is the name of the supercontinent that broke apart to form the continents we know today?
a) Pangaea b) Gondwana c) Laurasia d) Kwanza
What layer of Earth spins to create the magnetic field?
a) the outer core b) the inner core c) the asthenosphere d) the dreidel
Earth's convection cells occur in which layer?
a) asthenosphere b) lithosphere c) stiffer mantle d) chocolat-o-sphere
Temperature increases as you go deeper into the ______________
a) Earth b) ocean c) atmosphere d) oven
Transform boundaries are areas where __________________
a) tectonic plates move past each other b) dinner plates move past each other c) tectonic plates come together d) tectonic plates move apart
Which of the following is NOT one of Wegner's pieces of evidence for Continental Drift?
a) similar gingerbread men found on different tables b) similar fossils found on different continents c) similar mountains found on different sides of oceans d) similar climate evidence found in places that have different climates today
What is the coolest solid layer of Earth
a) the crust b) the stiffer mantle c) the solid inner core d) the frosting
What are Earth's inner and outer core are made out of?
a) iron and nickel b) silicon and oxygen c) quartz and potassium feldspar d) sugar and spice
What geologic feature is formed when 2 continental plates converge?
a) mountains b) rock snow c) ridges d) gingerbread houses
What material comes out of the Earth at seafloor spreading centers?
a) lava b) java c) water d) frosting
Earth's crust is made up of mostly
a) oxygen and silica b) iron and nickel c) turkey and gravy d) basalt and gabbro
What are Earth's lithospheric plates made of?
a) the crust and rigid mantle b) the asthenosphere and stiff mantle c) the stiffer mantle and outer core d) chocolate chip cookie dough
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