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What is promotion?
a) Determing what a company will receive in exchange for its product/service b) How goods/service are moved fromt he manufacturer c) Making consumers aware of your product through advertising d)
Brining the checkbook into agreement with bank statement
a) Banking b) Accounting c) Finance d) Accounting
Opeing a new account for customers
a) Banking tasks b) Accounting tasks c) Finance tasks d) Accounting equation
What is an example of a middle-level manager
a) Team Leaders b) Coaches c) President d) Deparment Heads
The first line managers
a) Plan for the future b) Direct the day to day activites of operational employees c) Carry out the decisions of top level management d) Set goals
A business owned and operted by one person
a) Sole Proprietorship b) Partnership c) Corporation d) Franchise
A business owned by stockholders and run by a CEO
a) Sole Propretorship b) Corporation c) Partnership d) Franchise
The exchange of information between sender and receiver.
a) Writing b) Reading c) Speaking d) Communiction
This type of business form is used to communicate with others in the same office
a) Reports b) Email c) Memo d) Business Letter
This type of business form is used to complete projects
a) Memo b) Reports c) Business Letter d) Email
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