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The study of life
a) biography b) philosophy c) biology d) astronomy
This isn't always negative; sometimes it's important in order to improve our lives
a) Apathy b) Critical c) Criticism d) Hypocrisy
A belief system
a) Ideology b) Misanthropy c) Misogyny d) Theocracy
Antonym for equal
a) Schism b) Caustic c) Asymmetrical d) Symmetrical
Antonym for weak
a) Symmetry b) Critical c) Dynamic d) Sympathetic
Rainsford not sleeping the night before Zaroff hunts him is an example of:
a) External conflict b) Dramatic Irony c) Internal conflict d) Situational Irony
The Sniper takes place in
a) London b) Dublin c) Berlin d) Belfast
Eckels goes on the time travel safari because he wants to
a) Be young again b) Change the future c) Die for a noble cause d) Hunt dinosaurs
In The Necklace, Mathilde's problem is
a) She needs a job b) She wants more than she has c) She doesn't know how to spend her money d) She doesn't love her husband
How many years did it take for the Loisels to pay off the necklace?
a) 5 b) 8 c) 10 d) 12
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