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It is only 3:45 P.M.; ___________, Nathan is eating an early dinner.
a) nevertheless b) similarly c) all in all d) in conclusion
Cade was not used to the dry desert air. _____________, He did not drink enough water before the marathon.
a) In contrast b) Otherwise c) Above all d) As a result
______________ it is snowing, Adriana does not want to cancel the picnic.
a) Although b) As c) And d) Because
Garrett believes this subject is important, ______________, he believes it is necessary.
a) Nevertheless b) Moreover c) However d) On the other hand
Cheese curls are available to all the students. They are not available for teachers, _______________.
a) as a result b) next c) however d) finally
Cece has never had a garden. _____________ , She has never even planted a flower.
a) In fact b) Because c) Nevertheless d) Instead
Caleb thinks Keefer is the best teacher. _________________, Reanna thinks Keefer did the most for the school.
a) Then b) However c) Similarly d) Because
Natasha has to register for the flight to Mars. _______________, She has to fill out this form and pay a 500 million dollar fee.
a) In contrast b) In particular c) Nevertheless d) Since
A healthy diet gives people plenty of energy. _______________, it keeps blood pressure at a safe level.
a) Once b) Otherwise c) However d) In addition
_____________, for all the reasons Ava has mentioned, Harrison Park should have a swimming pool.
a) For example b) In conclusion c) First of all d) In the meantime
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