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Who sang ''Tutti Frutti''?
a) Little Richard b) The Who c) Buddy Holly d) The Beach Boys
Who released the concept album, ''The Wall,'' which was later turned into a movie?
a) Cream b) The Beatles c) Led Zeppelin d) Pink Floyd
Which famous group influenced Metallica, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Guns n' Roses, and Black Sabbath?
a) Cream b) Led Zeppelin c) The Beach Boys d) Bob Dylan
Eric Clapton formed which famous group which was known for combining ''aggresive covers of blues standards with off-beat, drug-inspired tunes''?
a) Cream b) Led Zeppelin c) Pink Floyd d) None of the above
Who sang ''I Want to Hold Your Hand''?
a) Little Richard b) Elvis Presley c) The Beatles d) The Rolling Stones
Who sang ''Sympathy for the Devil''?
a) Little Richard b) The Rolling Stones c) Elvis Presley d) Chuck Berry
The Who released ''Tommy'' in 1969. It was the first commerically successful ___________________
a) Rock n' Roll song b) Rock opera c) TV show d) CD recording
Buddy Holly was the first white musician to use the vocal ___________________ technique
a) Hiccup b) Cough c) Sneeze d) Choke
When The Beatles became popular in America, that sensation was called _______________________.
a) Beatle Craze b) Beatlemania c) Beatle Love d) None of the above
The song ''American Pie'' is about the tragic death of:
a) Buddy Holly b) J.P. Richardson c) Ritchie Valens d) All of the above
__________________________ recorded the song ''Roll Over, Beethoven,'' which references the composer Ludwig van Beethoven
a) Little Richard b) Chuck Berry c) Buddy Holly d) Elvis Presley
Elvis appeared on the famous ____________________________ but they only filmed him from the waist up because of his dancing.
a) Today Show b) Ed Sullivan Show c) Good Morning America Show d) None of the above
_________________________ coined the term ''Rock n' Roll''
a) Sam Phillips b) Elvis Presley c) Alan Freed d) Little Richard
Who merged Rock n' Roll with the old blues music by Robert Johnson and B.B. King?
a) Pink Floyd b) Eric Clapton c) The Beach Boys d) The Beatles
Why was ''Sympathy for the Devil'' a controversial song?
a) It was from the perspective of the devil b) It references many terrible events in history where people died c) It says at the end that people should respect the devil because he is so powerful d) All of the above
Whose album ''Bringing it all Back Home'' sold 1 million copies?
a) Bob Dylan b) Eric Clapton c) Elvis Presley d) Cream
Which of these if not an example of racism in beginning rock n' roll music?
a) People liked blues music but wouldn't listen to it if it was played by black musicians b) It was difficult for black musicians to get record deals c) There were absolutely no black musicians in rock n' roll d) Little Richard got a record deal but was forced to change his lyrics to be more appealing to white people
Who sang ''Who Are You,'' which is the theme song to CSI?
a) The Who b) The Rolling Stones c) The Beach Boys d) The Beatles
Who wrote the song ''Ohio,'' which protested the Vietnam War?
a) Led Zeppelin b) Pink Floyd c) Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young d) Cream
Who recorded the album ''Pet Sounds,'' which helped raise the standards of recording quality
a) The Beatles b) The Rolling Stones c) The Beach Boys d) Eric Clapton
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