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Cell without a nucleus
a) Prokaryote b) Eukaryote c) Organism d) Population
Cell with a nucleus
a) Eukaryote b) Prokaryote c) Community d) Transport
An living thing
a) Organism b) Population c) Community d) Ecosystem
Two or more organisms in the same species
a) Population b) Ecosystem c) Community d) Biome
(Only living) more than one population
a) Community b) Ecosystem c) Biome d) Climate
Living and nonliving items in an area
a) Ecosystem b) Biome c) Community d) Population
An area that shares a similar climate
a) Biome b) Population c) Individual d) Ecosystem
Combination of precipitation and temperature
a) Climate b) Transport c) Cell membrane d) Biome
When something moves from one place to another
a) Transport b) Cell membrane c) Biome d) Prokaryote
Allows materials to move from one place to another
a) Cell membrane b) Transport c) Biome d) Ecosystem
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