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Light can travel through
a) matter b) a vacuum c) both matter and a vacuum d) neither
Which travel faster?
a) light waves b) sound waves c) d)
Light waves are measured in
a) newtons b) joules c) hertz d) nanometers
A light source is
a) cold b) big c) something that emits light d) something that smells
A lightbulb transforms electric energy into
a) light energy b) sound energy c) potential energy d) kinetic energy
A narrow beam of light that travels in a straight line is a
a) sound wave b) light ray c) nanometer d) hertz
This occurs when light waves come in contact with a surface of a material and bounce off
a) refraction b) absorption c) transmission d) reflection
This occurs when light rays travel through the material.
a) refraction b) absorption c) transmission d) reflection
If light does not pass through it, the material is
a) trasparent b) opaque c) translucent d) clear
If a material allows almost all light that strikes it to pass through and form a clear image, it is
a) transparent b) opaque c) traslucent d) clear
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