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Most living cells are different in color, shape, and ?
a) size b) covering c) chloroplast d) texture
A group of organs that work together are called an?
a) tissue b) organ c) organ system d) animal cells
Plant cells have food factories called ______ that contain chloropyll.
a) nucleus b) cell membrane c) chloroplasts d) mitochondrion
What is the jellylike substance found in both plant and animal cells called?
a) chloroplast b) mitochondrion c) cytoplasm d) chromosomes
Plants, people, and other animals are called?
a) organisms b) microorganisms c) cells d) organ systems
Cells that work together to carry out a certain job is called?
a) skin b) tissues c) organ d) organ system
What is the tissue that covers and protects your body called?
a) nerve cells b) skin c) organs d) hair
What is the holding bin for food, water, and wasters in a cell called?
a) vacuoles b) nucleus c) cell membrane d) cell wall
What are one celled microorganisms that live in pond water called?
a) protists b) bacteria c) mushrooms d) fungi
What are the smallest unit of living things called?
a) plant b) protists c) cells d) microorganisms
What do most living things use to turn food into energy?
a) water b) soil c) sun d) oxygen
What are yeast and mushrooms examples of?
a) bacteria b) protists c) fungi d) mushrooms
What is a group of tissues working together to do a certain job called?
a) microorganisms b) organ system c) organ d) plant cells
What do you call organisms that are too small to see with a microscope?
a) microorganisms b) insects c) chromosomes d) megaorganisms
Which cell has several different shapes?
a) Plant b) Animal c) Brain d) Both plant and animal
What protects and supports the plant cell? (hint: outer covering)
a) cytoplasm b) cell membrane c) cell wall d) nucleus
What kind of cells have a boxlike shape?
a) Plant b) Animal c) Skin d) None
The animal cell's thin outer covering is called the?
a) cell wall b) nucleus c) mitochondrion d) celll membrane
What is the heart an example of?
a) tissue b) organ c) organ system d) cells
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