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Which of the following is the correct order from top to bottom of the feudal hierarchy
a) Peasants, nobles, king, knights, b) Peasants, Tradesman, Knights, Clergy and Nobles, King c) King, Clergy and Nobles, Knights, Tradesman, Peasants d)
Another word for the middle ages
a) Medieval b) Early Modern c) Roman d) Ancient
A group developed during the middle ages to set standards on trades.
a) Guild b) Union c) Manor d)
Tradesman started their training as a
a) Journeyman b) Master c) Apprentice d) Beginner
The main hall of the castle was called the
a) Hall b) Dungeon c) Keep d) Tower
These weapons were often used to attack a castle
a) Siege Engines b) War Weapons c) Iron Weapons d) Gunpowder
What is the purpose of a castle
a) Protection b) Home c) Prison d) All of the above
A piece of land
a) Fief b) River c) Pond d)
The code that knights swear to
a) Fealty b) Civalry c) code of law d) none of the above
This is the first stage of knighthood. Boys learn manners, to ride a horse, and dance
a) Page b) Squire c) Knight d)
This group the majority of the population. They had no rights and belonged to the land
a) Tradesman b) King c) Nobles d) Serfs
The Social and Political System developed during the Middle Ages
a) Socialism b) Feudalism c) Buddhism d) Caste System
Large Piece of land usually owned by a Lord
a) Fief b) Manor c) Emprie d) Country
The second stage to becoming a knight. Here you learned how to take care and use weapons
a) Page b) Squire c) Knight d) Journeyman
The two types of guilds
a) Merchant and Craft b) Craft and Trade c) Farm and Craft d) Servant and merchamt
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