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Which word means the most remarkable achievement known?
a) launch b) villians c) feature d) record
Which word means to officially start something?
a) launch b) assuming c) thumbed d) record
Which word means especially hard to believe?
a) episodes b) thumbed c) incredibly d) launch
Which word means turned pages quickly?
a) episodes b) thumbed c) developed d) incredibly
Which word means to give something special importance?
a) feature b) mental c) thumbed d) villians
Which word means accepting something is true?
a) launch b) thumbed c) developed d) assuming
Which word means parts of a longer series of events?
a) incredibly b) thumbed c) episodes d) launch
Which word means something in the mind?
a) mental b) launch c) thumbed d) feature
Which word means characters that oppose heroes?
a) mental b) feature c) villians d) developed
Which word means to make bigger or more complex?
a) developed b) villians c) thumbed d) launch
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