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Which of the following is NOT a Kingdom of living things:
a) Eukaryotes b) Monera c) Protists d) Fungi
Chloroplasts are organelles in the cells of plants. Chloroplasts
a) are where respiration occurs b) are located in animal cells c) are where photosynthesis takes place and food is made d) where the genetic material is stored
Which of the following Kingdoms do not have Eukaryotes:
a) Prokaryotes b) Fungi c) Autotrophs d) Monera
How many minutes make up 1 hour:
a) 60 seconds b) 60 minutes c) 120 seconds d) 20 minutes
Which of the following would best show if organisms are most closely related
a) kingdom b) phylum c) order d) family
The scientist that developed the two part naming system of species was:
a) Francesco Redi b) Carolus Linnaeus c) Charles Darwin d) Louis Pasteur
Euglena are unicellular Eukaryotes. They belong to which Kingdom:
a) Protists b) Fungi c) Animals d) Plants
What are the 7 levels of classification in order from largest to smallest:
a) kingdom, phylum, order, genus, species, family, class b) kingdom, phylum, class, family, order, genus, species c) kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species d) kingdom, phylum, class, family, species, genus, order
The part of the plant cell responsible for producing food is called:
a) Vacuole b) Mitochondria c) Chloroplast d) Nucleus
Which Kingdom has organisms that are mobile, heterotrophic and have bilateral symmetry:
a) Monera b) Protist c) Fungi d) Animals
The Venus Fly-Trap is best described as belonging to which Kingdom:
a) Animal b) Plant c) Protist d) Fungi
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