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which was NOTa specific prophecy that Jesus fulfilled?
a) water turned to wine b) buried with the rich c) no bone would be broken d) born of a virgin
The Bible was written by many different types of people, including shepherds, tax collectors, and doctors
a) true b) false c) a d) a
verses were added to the bible before Christ
a) false b) true c) eggnog d) chexmix
The Bible was written by people who actually saw Jesus with their own eyes
a) true b) false c) bethlehem d) ephratha
why is it significant that the Bible was originally written on materials like parchment and vellum?
a) they were perishable materials b) they represented animal sacrifice c) they were forbidden by other gods d) they were scrapped from use in 500 b.c.
Catholic doctrine has not changed over the years
a) false b) true c) a d) a
what is the Catholic belief that the eucharist (bread and wine) turns into the actual body and blood of Jesus when consumed?
a) transsubstantiation b) trans siberian orchestra c) translation d) transitive theory
the Bible was the second book ever translated
a) false b) true c) a d) a
the Bible was written in 3 different languages
a) true b) false c) a d) a
be prepared to give an explanation of why the Catholic faith is anti - Biblical
a) ok? b) got it? c) yes, Mr. Smith d) hua
be prepared, using specific examples from our notes, to explain why we can trust our Bible. I will grade tough on this, no generic answers! Be specific
a) I will be ready b) I will think about it c) I will give generic answers and hope Coach J grades easy d) Coach J wouldn't fail me at this point in the semester!
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