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____ can be used to make a document more effective by giving it a designer look with shorter lines that can be easier for the reader as the reader's eye doesn't need to travel so far across the page before returning to read the next line of text.
a) Pages b) Paragraphs c) Columns d) Headlines
A report ____ can be used when the same information needs to be displayed month after month, such as a monthly sales report, using a file that contains the basic elements of the document, page and paragraph formatting, fonts and text.
a) Page Layout b) Style c) Link d) Template
Bullets are used in a document to bring a reader's attention to a list of important items. Bullets can be ____.
a) Customized using any picture b) Solid dots c) Arrows d) All of the above
Which is NOT found on the File Tab?
a) Print b) New c) Save As d) Page Setup
Microsoft's word processing program is called ____.
a) Excel b) Word c) PowerPoint d) Pages
The Page Layout Tab is divided into 5 ____ (Themes, Page Setup, Page Background, Paragraph, Arrange).
a) Groups b) Sub-Tabs c) Regions d) Sections
To view formatting marks such as enters, tabs, and spaces, click on the ____ button.
a) View b) Find c) Show/Hide d) Formatting
What is the default document view when you open Word?
a) Print Layout b) Full Screen Reading c) Web Layout d) Outline
The default page orientation for Word is Landscape.
a) True b) False c) d)
What happens when you double-click on a Tab?
a) Show/hide the Ribbon b) Show/hide the Tab c) Show/hide the Group d) Show/hide the Quick Access Toolbar
What option do you use to save an existing document under a different name?
a) Save and Send b) Save c) Save As d) Save To
The default alignment for text in Word is ____.
a) Aligned Center b) Aligned Right c) Aligned Left d) Justified
What measures the height of characters?
a) Font Format b) Font Style c) Text Effects d) Font Size
Which of the following is NOT a type of Tab Stop?
a) Left b) Top c) Right d) Decimal
The default line spacing in Word is ____.
a) 1.0 b) 1.15 c) 1.5 d) 2.0
Use the ____ dialog box to insert letters or symbols not found on your keyboard.
a) Symbol b) Language c) Paragraph d) Grammar
A(n) ____ is used to direct the reader's eyes across the page.
a) Tab b) Arrow c) Insertion Point d) Leader
Text that you want to appear at the top of every page is called a ____.
a) Footer b) Header c) Theme d) Style
In a table inserted in a Word document, a group of horizontal cells is called a(n) ____.
a) Intersection b) Box c) Column d) Row
What are the default document margins for Word?
a) 1.5 inches on top and bottom, 1 inch on left and right b) 1 inch on top and bottom, 1.5 inches on left and right c) 1.25 inches on top and bottom, 1.25 inches on left and right d) 1 inch on top and bottom, 1 inch on left and right
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