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The shorter the interval between the arrival of p and s waves, the closer a city is to an earthquake's ____________
a) aftershock b) focus c) epicenter d) fault line
The type of boundary that destroys crustal material
a) convergent b) divergent c) transform d) transverse
The type of rock that forms along divergent boundaries, such as the mid oceanic ridge?
a) sedimentary b) igneous c) metamorphic d) all of the above
This type of rock most often contains fossils, limestone is an example
a) sedimentary b) metamorphic c) igneous d) calcite
Cave formation is a result of weathering by ________________, such as when limestone drips form stalagtites
a) wind b) gravity c) water d) ice
Creep, Saltation, and Suspension are types of ____________ erosion
a) ice b) water c) gravity d) wind
Mass wasting, landslides, avalanches, etc. are all caused by what erosive force?
a) gravity b) ice c) water d) wind
Major mineral resources such as copper are often found at convergent subduction zones. What geographic feature is often found here as well:
a) rift valleys b) mountains c) volcanic mountains d) earthquakes
What kind of boundaries are often associated with earthquakes that offset geology
a) convergent b) divergent c) transform d) metamorphic
Two major things that affect how much sediment can be transported in a stream are:
a) stream velocity and slope b) stream location and length c) stream width and distance to the sun d) stream temperature and rainfall
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